Frequently Asked Questions

Credit cards/Debit cards with cirrus logo can be used in ATM’s to obtain cash provided you have a pin number.Credit Cards can also be used in shops, Malls or restaurants.

If you are planning on shopping from markets or places like Poppies Lane then be prepared to bargain. The aim is to keep it friendly and you will get a good deal. Only start bartering if you intend on buying the goods. Generally, you will be offered a high price to start with and then you offer a lower price back. The key is to remain calm and friendly, if either party is getting upset….move on.

Shops work on a fixed price system

Beaches – There are some quieter beaches along the Bukit – a series of little coves heading to Ulawatu .Names include  Impossibles, Dreamland, Berigin– white sand,  snorkeling over reef, surfing, quaint facilities. Kuta  ,Legian and Seminyak are busy beaches that are patrolled by local lifesavers. Canggu is a popular surfing beach. Medewi, 1.5 hrs to the west is also quite a popular surfing beach. On the Eastern side of the island, Benoa, Sanur and Noosa Dua cater for a lot of water sports – surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, kayaking, para-sailing, snorkeling, etc.

Going home
Bali airport is always extremely busy and it starts with trying to get there. Firstly leave yourself [plenty of travel time to the airport. Next arrive about 2 ½ hours before your flight leaves because the lines are long and the system can be slow. You will need the departure card in your passport from when you arrived for customs.

The villa provides a cook who will prepare meals for you. This service needs to be pre-arranged so that the cook will be available when needed for example at breakfast you would inform the staff that you want to dinner prepared for that evening. The menu is mainly Indonesian and you may choose to provide the cook with the money to travel to the local market to buy the ingredients or you can personally do this atone of the many shopping centers.

Drinking Water
The villa provides water dispensers (bottled water) for your use. You are advised not to drink water from the tap anywhere in Bali or Indonesia.

If you want to bring your own laptop the villa has WIFI, there are also heaps of restaurants or cafes that provide internet.

Alternatively there are lots of internet places in the same shop as the phone shops these are called ‘Wartels’. You can pay a fee to use a computer with internet, as well as make phone calls home  or locally on a metered phone that’s provided.

Medical facilities– SOS is an international clinic with international Doctors who are known as a reputable medical company throughout Asia. They deal with medical evacuations if required and are very reliable. If you need medical help the villa management or taxi drivers can help you get there.

Mobile phones
If you have a mobile phone that is NOT locked into a plan you can use the phone in Bali. You just need to buy a local SIM card ( approx. $4.00) and insert it. You can then buy credit and are able to text and receive messages home.

Sunscreen– Bring a good one with you.

There are a number of supermarkets and a few great local Deli’s n Bali, that have a good selection of local and imported food. Your personal Villa Padi driver will take you and wait while you collect whatever you need.

Temperature– It’s hot in Bali. Bring light clothing and watch how long you stay in the sun. Drink heaps of water to prevent getting dehydrated.

Travel insurance– Highly recommended prior to your travel.

A laundry service can be arranged through the villa. This is a safe, economical way to do your everyday laundry. For a very low cost you will get A bag of washing picked-up, ironed and delivered back to the villa.